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Sebastian Agreda

National University of Colombia Student, I am a Professional Freelancer for making Responsive Web Design, I have been working on Static or Dynamic Web Development, Wordpress Theme Development and Wordpress Plugin Development for last few years.

Starts professional studies in National University of Colombia
I become in web developer for DVOTIO
Work as Community Manager for C-Infro
Internal like development engineer for PC Smart Colombia
Start my Freelance
73% CSS
89% Html
83% Code
62% Design

¿What i do?

I bring all solutions for your web page, i'll build your website with the lastest technologies to access at the biggest market in the world.


Search Engine Optimization

The SEO service helps to make your web page more accessible to searches of clients in search engines like Google


Superior Design

Give to your website a better aspect, with the latest frameworks to design, using the latest technologies of design, I think that the looks attracts new clients, and the service keeps the clients.


Responsive Design

Today the clients use their smartphones to everything, i design your webpage for look good in all devices


Community Manager

With the social media package, i'll advocate your brand, raising the community for attracting new customers


% Happy Customers


% Coffee cups


% Code lines


% Emails


% Talk hours


% Hours in Facebook

My last work

Recently i worked for PC Smart Colombia, in this place, i paticiped in a lot of projects before to be Freelance.


I developed a platform of GEO reference for sales team of big enterprises, that used to brings in real time stats of sales, of performance, selling hours, ETC.

Android Application

Of Lupaap platform i was involve in development on Android making a responsive design, centralized in the performance of the device. In this project, i used technologies like Fragments Android, GPS, threads, Async Task, ETC.

Pushing Android notification system

With the PC Smart company, we made a push type notification system for all devices, using technologies like Google Cloud Message (GCM), HTTP connection, Google Developer Console, ETC.

C-infro Web Page

C-infro is a corporation focused in organization of events, they hired me to develop a responsive business webpage. That webpage was used to inform about the Guiness record of peace.

Ultimas entradas del blog

Este blog lo dedico a dar opiniones personales acerca del mundo de la programación y del Freelance en Colombia.

Services prices

Web services prices


$236 US
  • Business web page
  • 1 Hosting year
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Business Email
  • Unlimited Hosting


$420 US
  • Business web page
  • 1 Hosting year
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Photo and video Gallery
  • Business Email
  • Unlimited Hosting


$656 US
  • Business web page
  • 2 Years of Hosting and domain
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Photo and video Gallery
  • Business Email
  • Community Management
  • Business Blog
  • Customizable design
  • Unlimited Hosting

Contact me

Sebastian Agreda

Calle 33 Bis A # 15-63 Teusaquillo

Bogota, Colombia

311 702 2914